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Please choose one "Type of Organization" below.  Please read the descriptions below for all three options.   

OPTION 1: HSC Student Government Association Administrative Organizations ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
HSC Student Government Association Administrative Organizations have one or more unpaid volunteers (officers), which makes the organizations entities of OU. The Student Organizations that are considered Administrative are below.  These organizations are NOT eligible for SGA Funding requests. 

Please note: only choose Administrative if you are one of the organizations listed below.  

HSC Campus Activities Board       
HSC Student Senate       
HSC Student Government Association Executive Branch       
A. William Horsley Physician’s Assistant Society        
College of Allied Health Student Association       
College of Medicine Student Council       
College of Public Health Student Association        
Graduate College Student Association      
Pharmacy Student Council       
College of Dentistry Student Council        
College of Nursing Student Association

OPTION 2HSC Registered Academic Student Organizations  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

HSC Registered Academic Student Organizations are those organizations that have been approved by their college student services and/or dean’s office. The academic dean accepts responsibility for the activities and events of the organization. Examples of HSC Registered Academic Student Organizations may include college classes (example. COM Class of 2017) . Interest groups that have no association to external entities may be considered registered academic student organizations, though approval from the respective college dean is required. Registered academic student organizations have no affiliations to external entities.   These organizations ARE eligible for SGA Funding requests. 

OPTION 3: HSC Registered Student Organizations ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Registered Student Organizations are not entities of OU, and their activities are not sponsored or endorsed by OUHSC. Registered Student Organizations operate with guidance from faculty/staff advisers, but are not part of the legal entity of the University. The groups’ purpose and activities are not sponsored or endorsed by OU. The University recognizes these groups as independent entities, but grants them certain advantages through affiliation (registration) with the University. Common RSOs at the Health Sciences Center are student affiliates of state or national professional associations. Though these groups are comprised of HSC students and often academic/professional in nature, the connection to external associations precludes them from being recognized as entities of the University. These organizations ARE eligible for SGA Funding. 

Please select one: 

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